"Research is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought"

(Albert Szent Gyorgi, 1893-1986)    


With extensive experience in cutting-edge topics in the fields of applied economics and quantitative techniques, the Department offers proven solvency in a wide variety of research lines. Basically, its research is undertaken by Research Groups, all with high scientific productivity reflected in the many publications, projects and activities generated every year. The ULPGC recently awarded the grade of A+ to all of the Department’s research groups.



Health Economics and Public Policy

Our research projects and scientific advisory services are world class, on topics such as Regional Economics, Labour and Health Economics.

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Quantitative and Computational Finance

Seeking to produce high-quality scientific research, our main interests lie in the fields of financial markets, financial risk analysis and financial quantitative economics.

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Bayesian statistical and decision-making techniques in Economics and Business

We generate valuable scientific knowledge in the field of Bayesian data analysis and in decision-making techniques for economic analysis.

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Interdisciplinary Analysis of Social Challenges

Bringing together diverse knowledge and perspectives, our goal is to contribute to the building of more just, inclusive, and prosperous societies.

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