Interdisciplinary Analysis of Social Challenges



Interdisciplinary Research for Social and Economic Development

AIRES is dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of fundamental social and economic challenges, focusing on two main areas:

Analysis of Inequality and Education:

  • We investigate the dynamics of social inequality and its impact on educational opportunities.
  • We analyze educational performance, school repetition, and other key factors affecting the education system.
  • We evaluate educational quality and employability competencies, promoting equity and efficiency in access to education and its promotion.

Social Economy and Employability:

  • We focus on economic and organizational development through models based on values and commitments to society.
  • We promote cooperation and collaboration to enhance employability competencies.
  • We address challenges posed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through social innovation and sustainable development, and their promotion.

Bringing together diverse knowledge and perspectives, our goal is to contribute to the building of more just, inclusive, and prosperous societies.