The cost of hospitalised patients due to complicated urinary tract infections – A retrospective observational study in countries with high prevalence of multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria: the COMBACTE-MAGNET, RESCUING study
L. Vallejo-Torres, M. Pujol, E. Shaw, I. Wiegand, J.M: Vigo, M. Stoddart, S. Grier, J. Gibbs, C. Vank, N. Cuperus, L. van den Heuvel, N. Eliakim-Raz, J. Carratala, C. Vuong, A. MacGowan,T. Babich, L. Leibovici, I. Addy, S. Morris. BMJ Open, 2018, 12 (8).   Fulltext   Abstract
Journal article